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December 2016

Afterlife Productions diabolically presents:

VULGA “Mayhem With Mercy” (limited pressing)

To commemorate the recent Thy Invocation Of Hell Grimoire release (written by VULGA frontman; The Baron), Afterlife Productions is proud to present the re-release of VULGA “Mayhem With Mercy” cd, from Malaysia’s very own obscure Black Metal band VULGA, also regarded as one of the earliest hordes to play Black Metal genre in this country. Still remain a very low profile band until today as their moniker defines Very Unknown Legions of Glorious Ancient (Past). This release was originally released as a split demo tape in the early 90’s, now re-released for the second time with totally new cover design. Sleeve was printed with luxurious “silver” pantone ink to symbolize themselves as “Silverian” horde (a state in the north of Malaysia called Perak). This re-release also means to combat all the nonsense capitalist prices of original VULGA cd (sold out in just 3 weeks when it was first released) that sell on the local market these days. So, ignore those capitalists and buy directly from label and band. No Glamour, No Commercial Trendies, ONLY BLACK IS REAL !!!

1.Witches Holocaust
2.The Forest Of Wargoat
3.Black Metal Warrior
4.Into The Crypts Of Rays (Celtic Frost)
5.Satanas Militia
6.Intro (A Winter Tears)
7.Cryptic Winds
8.Cries Of The Eternal Idol
9.Forest Of Ngai (Rotting Christ)


Price: 8$ excluding airmail shipping.

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October 2016

As for too many requests (those who are in the Klang Valley areas), Thy Invocation of Hell Grimoire is finally available at these record stores:

Teenage Head Records,
No. 20, Jalan SS 14/1,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 017-621 0346 Mr. Radzi

Perfect Music Center,
Lot 128, 1st Floor,
Campbell Complex,
Jalan Dang Wangi, KL
Tel: 012-279 2800 Mr. Lim

Afterlife Productions extremely presents:

THY INVOCATION OF HELL (1995 Black Metal Grimoire)

The first South East Asia’s Black Metal manuscript ever (edited by Vulga vocalist; The Baron). Originally unleashed in 1995. Featuring interviews with countless of Black Metal bands from the second wave (read description below). Most of the interviews were conducted around 1992 until 1993 at the beginning of Black Metal important years. This zine got delayed and was not released until 1995 because Black Metal became commercial (since Euronymous killed in August of 1993). Only a handful of copies got printed during 1995 and most of them spread around the local scene here only. It also features tons of important Black Metal flyers, posters, bands’ original biography, etc. from all over the world that were spread back then (the old days) through letter correspondence. Now it’s time for the worldwide extreme Metal collectors to be able to read it!

Featured interviews:
Blasphemy (answered during “Gods Of War” era)
Beherit (answered during “The Oath Of Black Blood” era)
Impaled Nazarene (answered before “Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz” debut)
Barathrum (answered during demo days)
The Black (answered during demo days with bonus Eternal Darkness interview; pre-The Black)
Samael (answered after “The Worship” album got released)
Osmose Productions (answered when they were still a small label)
Pan-Thy-Monium (answered during “Dawn Of Dreams” era)
Mystifier (answered during “Wicca” era)
Abysmal (answered during demo days)
Pandemonium (answered during demo days)
Lullaby (answered during demo days)
Rotting Christ (answered after “Thy Mighty Contract” album got released)
Varathron (answered during demo days)
Necromantia (answered before “Crossing The Fiery Path” debut)
Ancient Rites (answered during “Evil Prevails” EP days)
Denial Of God (answered during demo days)
Immortal (answered before “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” debut)
Emperor (answered by Mortiis before “In The Nightside Eclipse” debut)

Bonus features:
Vulga history (insights from The Baron)
Vulga new 2016 interview (in-depth 6 pages)
Vulga gig pictorial (their only gig in 1996)
Baron & The Black Mass gig pictorial (2016)
Sextrash gig pictorial (from 1991)
Euronymous letter (Mayhem)
Xytraguptor letter (Samael)
Samoth letter (Emperor)
Sodom interview
Samael interview (from 1991)

Massive full size 148 A4 pages with thick cover (perfect binding), English written and original pages restored like they were spread in 1995. Read and experience it like 21 years ago!

Malaysian residents:
Price : RM30 (with register postage & handling)

Pay via this Maybank account: 1143 7401 5840


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Whatsapp us too:  016-3789  353

Annoucing new label facebook page & upcoming release

The long lost the first South East Asia’s Black Metal grimoire edited by The Baron of Vulga (materials done between 1992 to 1993) is currently being restored and will make it available again soon! A really flashback in its entirety, made in the true spirit of old school fanzines! This grimoire is approximately 150 pages full size A4 format, English written and lots of extra never-before-released materials will unearth!

For more info please email:

or at our newsfeed page:

May 2016

Silentium Est Aureum (Silence Is Golden)

We’ve been busy writing for Deadhead Fanzine issue #7, still under heavy construction. The label is currently on hiatus. Those who are in Klang Valley, please visit these fine records stores for our releases and distributed items. They always carried underground releases!

Teenage Head Records,
No. 20, Jalan SS 14/1,
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 017-621 0346 Mr. Radzi

Perfect Music Center,
Lot 128, 1st Floor,
Campbell Complex,
Jalan Dang Wangi, KL
Tel: 012-279 2800 Mr. Lim

Crossroads Records,
Lot C-106, Jalan PJU 3/31,
Seksyen 13, Kota Damansara, PJ
Tel: 019-220 0974 Mr. Hafiz

Hard Graft Records,
No. 25A, 1st Floor,
Jalan 52/1, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-303 3700 Mr. Nick

January 2016

Welcome to 2016.66

The works for Deadhead Fanzine #7 had just begun! We will be busy with conducting interviews, articles, etc. for the next volume.

If you want to send promo stuffs (no mp3), please email to:

Never forget the spirits of old underground! Behold of the posers  assassin issue.

December 2015

We're distributing Compilation Of Death #3 zine from Chile! Heavy 394 A4 pages bible (weight 1.2kg)! With such killer 80's/90's Death Metal features such as:

Sadistik Intent, Autopsy, Deceased, Eternal Darkness, Magnus, Invocator, Incantation, Earache Records
Mutilated, Aggressor, Excruciation, Dr Shrinker, Dream Death, Sindrome, Death Yell, Cianide, Pentacle studio report, etc. 

Please get in touch for price! Only serious Deathsters! We have a very limited copies of this Death Metal bible!


November 2015


Afterlife Productions is proud to unearth one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets…

NECROFIST “Demo 1” seven inches (cfb-020)

Afterlife Productions collaborates with Nocturnal Belial (band founder) to re-unleash and re-glorify one of the most sought demos ever in the Malaysian underground Metal scene, his old band: NECROFIST “Demo 1”. The one and only release by them. A band that broke up too soon and later changed their moniker to NEBIRAS (that became a notorious Black Metal acts)! The demo 7” vinyl format is out now for real! First time on vinyl! Originally released 24 years ago in 1991, this demo represented what old Malaysian Death Metal demo all about, crude sounds, straight forward riffs and raw edges. Recorded at Amerah Studio with a limited studio equipment. Hear these 2 lengthy tracks on this demo and get a clear picture! NECROFIST introduced their theme “Grinding Death Metal” (outtakes from Horror films) during their short life period which was completely a new phenomenon at that time to local scene. This style was immensely copied by other local acts since then. Cover sleeve features various classic NECROFIST photos (most of them are unseen until now) and gig flyers of shows they performed. Brief history about NECROFIST and stories of the late great Yong Altazor written by Nocturnal Belial himself who once used to edit one of the most important zines for the growth of local underground scene from the late 80’s to mid 90’s here (the most fertile period) called Vortex From The East Fanzine! This 7” featured the original band logo that was not featured anywhere before. Cover printed in luxurious gold pantone inks!

This release is dedicated to Yong Altazor (NECROFIST/NEBIRAS founder) who died in a tragic accident in 1993.


RM 35 (Retail RM30 + registered postage RM5)
7$ USD (Retail without airmail postage)

RM is strictly for Malaysian resident. Buy 2 copies get free poslaju postage!
Maybank account:  1143 - 7401 - 5840 (Wan)

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04/11/2015 (Asian time)

Deadhead 6.66 officially SOLD OUT at this date! We have sold all copies, not even a month from the day it was released! Thanks to those who have purchased it, your support is highly appreciated. Anyone who missed it can still get it from other distributors, but NOT us. We are thinking about doing the second and final press next year (not at the nearest time) in limited quantities.

October 2015
Deadhead Fanzine #6.66 officially released today (16/10/2015) Asian time

The 18th year of publication, still something wicked this way comes…

After interminable years of adjournment, Afterlife Productions is now pleased to announce the release of the Eastern barbaric grimoire – DEADHEAD FANZINE 6.66 the volume roughly translated as “The Sixth Devilry” issue. Asia’s last stand for conservative underground literature. From antiquity to the present day, it features the following dedicated conversations with…

MORBID ANGEL (US) – Mike Browning and Richard Brunelle talking about their demo days only.
VENOM (England) – Long conversation with master-teacher Cronos!
ALAN MOSES (Australia) – Scene veteran! The longest interview ever conducted on this entire rotten planet earth. 20 extensive pages, 200 detailed questions. You have to read to believe it!
INCUBUS/SPECTRAL BIRTH (Australia) – 80’s Down Under’s best hidden secret. Answered by 2 original line-up.
SLAUGHTER (Canada) – Exclusive with drummer Ron Sumners. Very detailed answers!
MERCILESS DEATH (Poland) – The real 80’s ancient ones! Death/Thrash at its best!
BULLDOZER (Italy) – With A.C Wild! The Godfather of Perversity.
POISON (Germany) – The legendary Deathcore from West Germany! Answered via fax machine!
EVOKED DOOM (Germany) – Primitive Blacknoise since 1985! Interview after 30 years!!!
SAMHAIN/DESEXULT (Denmark) – Cult extreme 80’s demo acts. Answered by 2 original vocalists.
MORBID MAGAZINE (Norway) – For those old school underground freaks!
METAL MANIA ZINE (US) – The Bay Area Metal bible. Responsible for Metallica moniker!
PARAGON RECORDS (US) – Lengthy interview with label owner Mike Zanchelli.
MORBID FUNERAL (Costa Rica) – Obscure acts from exotic Central American scene.
TRENCH HELL (Australia) – Down Under equivalent to the old Celtic Frost!
POISONOUS (Brazil) – Faithful Death Metal believers from Salvador.
GRAVE DESECRATOR (Brazil) – Extreme merciless commanders!
COBRA (Peru) – Promising Heavy Metal troopers from Inca’s Land.
EURYNOMOS (Germany) – 2 parts! Authentic dark Heavy Metal with old Desaster vocalist!
BODE PRETO (Brazil) – The new birth of Brazil’s warfare noise.

The Malaysian underground specials (obscure stuffs you won’t read elsewhere):
PUNISHER/PICAGARI – The first batch local Thrashers from the 80’s that formed in Kuala Lumpur.
VULGA (Perak) – The final interview with Venomous! Covered everything of their untold history.
MAZETORMENT (Perak) – Live interview with this old defunct Death Metal demo act.
SUFFERCATION (Kelantan) – Answered by 2 original line-up! Talking about demo and first album only.
UNGODLY DEATH (Sarawak) – Raw old Black/Death outfits from Borneo. Answered by 2 original line-up!
DEATHROBE (Sabah) – Another Borneo underground legends!
MATI KATAK ZINE (Kuala Lumpur) – Long forgotten old local underground zine.

In total there are 27 interviews, mostly are very lengthy chats! All exclusive interviews, not a reprint from old zines, etc. Many hitherto never been seen before photos are showcased inside these interviews! A lot of dedicated works! Front cover is Richard Brunelle from the first gig of MORBID ANGEL “American Sickness” tour in 1990 and an ancient HEADHUNTER D.C photo anno 1988 as back cover this time! This is not just another ‘average’ fanzines! Plus tons of reviews, articles, scene report, pin-ups, etc. from the underworld! Neat old-styled layout without fancy computer designs.

100% English written with small fonts used! This thick manuscript is paperback, bound like a book! Quality print!
Heavy 152 A4 (full size) with very thick cover! After packed, it weights 450gram! Bigger than ever!!!

Temporarily NOT available

Strictly no trades accepted. Order here:

Distributors please contact us for wholesale! Email to:

May 2015

This website has been silent for quite some time, but we actually have been far from silent! We have to focus on finishing our Deadhead Fanzine #6, lots of works to be done, lots of time consumed. But importantly we've just finished 80% of the zine and looking forward to unleash this beast within this year. Also in the near future we shall unearth one delayed release, so watch out this page! To locals, get our releases at Teenage Head Records Store (Petaling Jaya, Selangor), they stocked few of our releases. Call them at 03-56130020 / 017-6210346 and ask about our items availbility.

August 2014

Small repress of Rator 7" and cassette is finally available here at our just launched webshop. Those who missed it please buy it now before they are all gone again..

Click RELEASE or CASSETTE at the "Shop" button at this website.
May 2014

Few titles of our releases can be purchased at Teenage Head Records Store. You can find various vinyl, cd & cassette choices there too! Cool shop! Here's the address:

No 20 Jalan SS 14/1 Subang Jaya Selangor, 47500

Click address for map!

April 2014

SLAUGHTER “Demos Box” Double MC
(cfb 019)

In the beginning of 1980’s, the Metal scene was in a vital period of transformation. Thrash arrived, N.W.O.B.H.M became a parody, glam and hairspray groups became the main trend….In America there was a sissy band named SLAUGHTER, and many people thought that this wasn’t the most appropriate name for such music. Then, three guys from Toronto, Canada had exactly the same opinion and in August of 1984 they decided to form their own band and also call SLAUGHTER – this time, for all the right reasons.

It’s hard to believe 3 decades have passed since these Canadian Metal gods SLAUGHTER released their first demo in that year 1984. To commemorate 30 years of savage, mayhem & noise, Afterlife Productions proudly present SLAUGHTER “Demos Box” – a compilation covering of all their old rusty demo tapes, is unleashed to attack your senses! A unique double-tape release which both housed in a hard cardboard outer box, hand-numbered to 500 copies. First time ever made by us. Both tapes cover used the original demo artwork, sleeve crammed with classic photos, recording information and a long well-written history.

It’s still sounds fresh and inviting even by today’s standards. At any rates, we are ready to take a time capsule back to this pretty badass introduction to one of the world’s classic Death Thrash Metal bands. Especially “Surrender Or Die”, the most remembered and successful demo they ever did, just hear the tape intro! Straight-forward Death Thrash demo. A truly frenzied attack from beginning to end…

Released on 1/4/2014
This is not April Fool, you fools!

9$ USD plus shipping (world)
RM30 postage paid (Malaysian residents only)

Maybank account : 1143 - 7401 – 5840
Overseas customers please order here:
USD for overseas customers only. Registered airmail shipping added at


March 2014

For old-schoolers - MORE FUCKIN' ANALOUGE RELEASES SOON! Stay tuneeee (not too long)...

February 2014
Double Attack – Two most priceless Malaysian underground jewels!

RATOR “Evil Symphony” Demo 7”
(cfb 017)

Afterlife Productions honoring our one and only extreme ancient Malaysian Black/Death Metal cult - RATOR! Their monumental “Evil Symphony” 1989 demo finally re-unleashed on 7” vinyl for the first time ever! They were the first of its kind to unleash a demo in our underground history! Recorded at the legendary Hellion Studio, before the other important local underground acts that later followed using the same place. Crude recording, raw and nasty! Evil as fuck! Highly dedicated jacket sleeve with original cover artwork, hand-written liner notes, actual and correct information about this recording, tons of old photos, etc. It comes with an insert containing detailed band’s history and lyrics. A definitive Rator release approved by the original band member! Undoubtedly an in-depth voyage to the old Malaysian Metal scene! Strictly limited to 300 hand-numbered copies. Co-released with Nusantarajim Productions.

Retail only. No trades accepted.

SUFFOCATION “Nightmare In Red” Demo MC
(cfb 018)

Another Afterlife Productions’ local underground appreciation! The long lost demo of SUFFERCATION. Still under their embryonic moniker Suffocation (1988 – 1990), this is the first demo from the legendary Kelantanese “Golden Sand” Death Metal quintet. The band that forever changed the climate and environment of extreme underground music in Malaysia in the early 90’s by their breakthrough albums. Our Death Metal leaders! This demo was recorded at the infamous Amerah Studio (closed business for a long time now) sometime in the year of 1990. Featuring the first Suffercation’s original vocalist and bassist which never made their position in the band on the first album. Savage and deeply underground sounds. Sleeve contains old band photo, complete recording information and a brief interview with Rob Razak (the mastermind behind this demo). Limited edition of 300 copies of this official re-release.

7”   : SOLD OUT!!!
MC : RM15 / 5$ USD (world)

Maybank account :  1143 - 7401 - 5840
Overseas customers please order here:

RM strictly for Malaysian resident. Including registered shipping.
USD for overseas customers. Registered airmail shipping added at

January 2014

Due to recent postage raise, all our tape releases' price will be added extra bucks.

New price for 1 tape (our releases):
RM15 (for Malaysian residents)
RM25 (for Singapore/Brunei/Indonesia residents)
12$ USD (World)

All these new prices are including registered shipping & handling.

September 2013
Postage to overseas revised!
Malaysian Post has raised up their shipping prices to overseas recently. We have no choice to revise our airmail postage.

Friday the 13th News!!!

Attention Pentamaniacs! Afterlife Productions proudly presents PENTACLE’s ‘Into the Depths of Mill’ live tape. Quality soundboard recording from 13th March 1993 at De Wissel, Mill, The Netherlands. 9 tracks of nearly an hour ultra heavy madness worship! One of the first early live shows recorded properly by the band ever! Including covers from Celtic Frost’s ‘The Usurper’ and Hellhammer’s ‘The Reaper’. Sleeve design includes liner notes about the gig by Wannes Gubbels, live photos and an old review from Mortician Mag.

Limited 300 copies professional tape, hand-numbered for Pentacle maniacs! Dedicated sleeve design layered with luxurious Gold pantone ink! A must have for HEAVY fans!!!

Price: 12$ USD (Registered airmail shipping included)

August 2013

Some of our items have been added to for easy online purchasing. 
Please go to:
July 2013

Another trip down the memory lane…

Afterlife Productions proudly present one of the most important blueprints of local Deathgrind demo from the old days… “Massacre On Bodies” 1991 demo by MUTILATION!!! Their one and only studio output.  Out of print for almost 2 decades, now available again in more professional format.  6 tracks of extremely sick, Grrrrrrrriiinding Metal that cuts clean to the bone!!! Limited edition 300 copies chrome tape, with dedicated inner sleeve (new cover artwork, old photos, biography, old interview, reviews, etc.). Pain unleashed….

Price: 12$ USD including airmail postage/paypal tax to anywhere.

May 2013

UNGODLY DEATH “Lost Nations”, for the first time ever available in pro CD. Rare glimpse into the past of South East Asian underground scene! Comes together with inlay sleeve containing old photos (in color), full lyrics and band history. Layered with great pantone silver ink!! Since their diabolical birth in early 1987 this is the only studio output recorded by the band, when the time underground was real underground!! Over 30 minutes of rotting, unrelentingly brutal, exhuming Death Metal worship!!!

Obscure Death Metal from Malaysia in its purest form!!
Deadly, eerie, unreal and evil vocals!!
You know what you gonna hear! Buy or die!

(Ungodly) Death Metal since 1987!!!

17$ (registered airmail postage everywhere)


Solid, metallic and heavy as steel! From now on we proudly using new label logo, done by Slaughter Sixx during witching hours. 

March 2013

Believe it, Paganfire has survived many years in the underground scene with numerous demos, split, live, etc. and they're still alive and kicking major asses! Afterlife Productions proudly present Paganfire's "Wreaking Fear And Death", the debut album of this Filipino foursome. 8 tracks of over 30 minutes of raging, ripping Thrash Metal experiences! Lots of tempo changes (energy and aggression thrown in between), brutal vocals, riffs, intense drums. Praise!!! Very well-played, mixed and produced! It fucking crushes! Exclusive tape version of limited 300 copies professionally done pressing. Inlay sleeve comes with lyrics in English/Tagalog! Get it today or die!

Price: 12$ USD including airmail postage/paypal tax to anywhere.

December 2012

Unleashed now! BLACK SHEPHERD's 1986 demo "United Evil Forces" on profesional cassette, one of the best Belgian underground Metal demos at that time. Extreme and brutal! Comes with bonus from demo #1 and a never before released live recording from Gemmenich gig 1987. Stricly limited to 300 copies, get it before it too late!

Price: (SOLD OUT!)

October 2012

Unleashed now on Hallow's month! NOCTURNAL VOMIT "Cursed Relics" cassette version. 8 tracks of Hellenic Death Metal, comes with full color artwork with lyrics. Excellent studio recording. Limited to 300 copies only at this website.

RM15 postage paid (Malaysian resident only)
US$ 12 postage paid + paypal fee (World)

March 2012
Earlier this year, we've been featured in R'Lyeh Magazine issue #10. One of the best and dedicated underground Metal zines from Poland! Get in touch with them at : for purchasing this 116 A4 (!!!) ultimate Metal bible...

December 2011 
Everyone knew the underground legends.  Everyone heard their obscurity. 
But no one knows how it all began! Read their beginning in…

Deadhead Fanzine #6.66

To be unleashed on Walpurgisnacht 2012!

November 2011
Something evil this way comes...Out now on 11/11/11 !!!

From Philippines’ deepest abyss here lies Death Metal overlords PATHOGEN! Afterlife Productions proudly present their latest recording - “Lust Of Evil” EP, released on professional cassette! Experience 4 soul-burning exclusive tracks plus 1 Brain Dead cover, played in the vein of ancient Death Metal bands from the old days, full of hatred, murderous riffs, maniacal drumming, fierce vocals and hellishly unrelenting aggression!!!! Guaranteed to make you bang your decrepit head until you are dead! Inner sleeve contains band photos, lyrics, etc. pressed on glossy paper. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies only.

Price =  12$ US Dollar postage paid everywhere (including plastic case)!
October 2011
SABBAT "Bloody Countess" 3xCD digibook!

Sabbat, Asian answer to the first wave of Black Metal and the one long time stage warrior with leather, pins and sword above all others who stands for Heavy, Metal and the Japanese way. With that in mind, maybe you know the band so late and never get chance to listen their big NWOBHM influence songs from early days. It is here, however, at the co-op of underground label Area Death Prod. from China and FOAD Rec. from Italy (Officially licensed from Afterlife Productions Malaysia), that great sprawling digibook sets have been designed, and re-mastered to bring those hard-to-find demos to the world. The ultimate collection for all the SABBAT maniacs! Contains their early demo material, rare rehearsals, unreleased recordings and live recordings from 1984-86 never published on cd, including the pre-Sabbat band recordings, when they were called Evil. We raise our horns to Bloody Countess - songs done 28 years before, express English in Japanese way, blistering and blasphemous assault by 3 discs in a deluxe digibook set.

Retail Price $25.00


Post by registered airmail / Asia + Australia $7

Post by registered airmail / North America $10

Post by registered airmail / South America $13

Post by registered airmail / Europe $9

April 2011
Nos alia materia opus in novus....
March 2011
We were established in 2001 as a mailorder label only with a purpose of being faithful to the authentic roots of underground Metal, no matter what genres or sub-genres. With our motto "Stay Heavy & Support The Real Underground" has been carried with us since day one. Now after a decade of profane existince, we move forward and expand our limits to the digital sanctuary. We have long experiences working with lots of labels in the past and made quite a lot of regurlar customers throughout the world. Why go to the awful, corporate, money hungry mall stores or over priced online distros, when you can get what you need here? Learn more about our releases, updated mailorder list and any news will be posted here.

Real Death Metal was meant to be evil!!!

We’re also the official Glorious Times Book representative for Malaysian region. Contact us for purchasing details. Don’t miss this fantastic Death Metal bible. Don’t wait until it’s sold out like the first pressing again!!! Made by the real old schoolers from underground era!!!

Bigger and better than before! 160 pages of massively rare and mostly unseen photographs, tied together with sentiment and reflections from the very people who lived the era - the GLORIOUS TIMES.

Bands featured: Acheron, Autopsy, Baphomet, Brutality, Cannibal Corpse, Cryptic Slaughter, Dark Angel, Death, Deceased, Deicide, Derketa, Disharmonic Orchestra, Exmortis, Groovy Aardvark, Hellwitch, Hideous Mangleus, Immolation, Impetigo, Incantation, Incubus, Insanity, Lethal Aggression, Malevolent Creation, Massacre, Massappeal, Master, Morbid Angel, Napalm Death, Nocturnus, Nokturnel, Nuclear Death, Overthrow, Paineater, Possessed, Prime Evil, Revenant, Righteous Pigs, Ripping Corpse, Sacrifice, Slaughter, Soothsayer, Terrorain, Tirant Sin, Unseen Terror, Vomit, Wehrmacht and Where's The Pope? Every band section is different, some in a small way, many in MAJOR WAYS!

Slimy little hints : We'll be working with a few underground obscurities to unleash their studio materials within 2011, that will gonna crush the so-called these days "scene". Watch this page for updates!!!